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New Blog and 13 Days To Go!

Welcome!  I’ve been throwing around the idea of starting this blog for about a week now, but what really jump-started the idea was a cute title and subtitle crafted by my brother and fiance, respectively.  I would like to thank the both of you (for that, and much more)!

For many months now, when people discovered that I was engaged, they would ask where we would be living when we got married.  Until about a month ago the answer was, “who knows.”  Ironically, the answer has not changed much even though my fiance has now accepted a job offer!  The reason it hasn’t changed much is that he will be starting a management training program for which he will travel to different locations every couple of weeks learning new aspects of the company and the job.  He was promised in the interviews that his new wife (yours truly) was welcome to come along and tan by the pool.  That was probably the biggest reason for taking the job.

We still don’t know all the locations, so that’s why our answer is still, “who knows!”  We do know that the company will provide hotel rooms at each location, hence the blog name “The Mint on the Pillow.”  I am determined to see this time as an adventure and to focus on the positives (this led to the subtitle).  I hope to share some of the sweeter things in our adventure and life in general with you through this blog!

So, please, join us through this blog!  And know that your prayers, encouragement, and travel advice is welcome!

There are 13 days until I become a wife, and 55 days until I become a traveling wife, though in the interim, we will be traveling for our honeymoon and on a little road trip to Boston, via DC, New York, and Baltimore!



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