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After our day in New York, we drove up to South Hamilton, Massachusetts, which is 30 to 45 minutes outside of Boston, to stay with my friend Jill.  She is the director of admissions at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and graciously offered us a place to stay as well as took the next day off to tour us around the city!  One of my husband’s friends, Paul, attends the seminary and we got to hang out with him a good deal too, which was great!

When we arrived in South Hamilton on Wednesday night we walked around the seminary and admired the beauty of New England.  Here’s a picture of one of the main buildings on campus.

After walking around we went to hear one of Jill’s friend’s sing and play the guitar at a local restaurant.  He was great, very talented!  His name is Matt Scott, if you want to check him out!

The next morning, we went to breakfast at a delicious and very cute place in Gloucester (yes, where The Perfect Storm took place!) called Sugar Magnolia’s.  They had Carrot Cake pancakes with cream cheese butter (which sounds gross, but was really tasty) and awesome omelets.

After Sugar Mag’s, we drove into the city of Boston.  We parked at a public transportation (in Boston called the T) station pretty far outside of city and rode the T into the Boston Commons, where we started walking the Freedom Trail.  This is a walking path that takes tourists by many historic buildings.  Here are pictures of the Commons and a freedom trail marker.

On the Freedom Trail we explored a graveyard where many famous historical figures are buried, like Sam Adams, Ben Franklin’s parents (only famous because of Ben, but hey, they deserve mention, I guess), Paul Revere, etc.  We also saw the site where the Boston Massacre happened, which is right outside a building off of whose balcony the Declaration of Independence was first read to Bostonians.  Here’s a picture of the balcony:

My favorite stop on the Freedom Trail was the Old North Church, where two colonists hung two lamps to signal that the British were marching to Lexington and Concord by sea.  Paul Revere and others then rode out to the colonists to warn them so they could assemble the militia and attack the Red Coats, thus beginning the American Revolution.  This stop amplified what we felt throughout our tour of Boston: this city is steeped in rich history.  This first picture is a picture of Paul Revere’s statue on the back side of the Old North Church, and the second is the church from the front.  The third shows the eclectic mix in Boston of old and new, historic and modern.  The steeple does not belong to the Old North Church, though that would be really cool.

We deviated from the Freedom Trail in order to visit Mike’s Pastry, which is famous for its cannoli (which Wikipedia tells me is the plural form.  Cannolo is singular).  Cannoli are tube-shaped pastries that have a creamy filling, often ricotta cheese, and can be dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Quite delicious.

We took the T back to our car and drove back to South Hamilton to pick up Paul and head to a quaint fishing town nearby called Rockport.  Rockport has a marina with the most photographed/painted/artistically used motif: a little red fishing shack.  It is known as Motif Number 1.  I followed suit, and here it is:

And here are some other photos from Rockport:

Rockport also had two streets of quaint little shops that we walked through.  One of the streets was used in The Proposal in the scene when they arrive in the little Alaskan village Ryan Reynolds’ family lives near.

We finished up the day with chowda and fried seafood at the Lobster Pool, a restaurant on the coast with a view of the sun setting over the water because it’s on a piece of land that curls up and inward so it’s facing west.  Unfortunately, it was overcast for us, so we didn’t see a sunset.  But we still enjoyed the Lobster Pool.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Boston and the North Shore.  Thanks to Jill and Paul for helping make it a great time!



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To the Big Apple

A couple of months ago, my husband and I realized we would have some extra time after our honeymoon, so we planned a road trip that would take us to Boston via Washington D.C., New York City, and Baltimore.  A “Northern Cities” Road Trip, if you will.  We only made it to 2 of the 4 cities.  We still had a really great time, and the decision to cut out D.C. and Baltimore had a lot to do with wanting to open wedding presents at my parents’ house and avoiding traffic on 95.  Hopefully, we can see D.C. and Baltimore another time!

We arrived back in the states on Saturday, September 11 and we started the trek north on Monday, September 13.  That night we stayed with my husband’s aunt and uncle in northern New Jersey.  They were so generous and such wonderful hosts!

The next morning, Tuesday, we drove into the city through the Lincoln Tunnel and parked in a parking deck associated with a bus depot called The Port Authority, which I think is a great name because it’s a strong name that sounds and feels good to say, but it doesn’t tell you anything about what it actually is!  We stumbled out of The Port Authority into downtown Manhattan and were immediately in awe of the scale of everything in New York: so tall.  We took a minute to look at my husband’s iphone map of New York (iphones are so helpful!) and devise a game plan for the day before walking to Times Square.  I didn’t think I liked glitz, lights, and fashion, but I think I actually do, because I really enjoyed Times Square!

We hung out in Times Square for a little bit and then headed north for Central Park, where we sat in the grass and ate the sandwiches we packed.

After enjoying the park, we rode the subway to Ground Zero.  Riding the subway (and the train in Boston, more on Boston to come!) reminded me that I really enjoy public transportation in the form of subways/trains/tubes/U-Bahns/S-Bahns/metros!  I’m sure it does get dull after a while, but it’s still fun for me!  After seeing the construction fences around Ground Zero, we walked through the Financial District to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island across the Hudson River.

After waving to Lady Liberty, we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge to both look at the picturesque bridge and to find a pizza place highly recommended by my brother, called Grimaldi’s.  Unfortunately, the pizza place was on the Brooklyn side of the bridge and we were on the Manhattan side.  After a bit of frustrating confusion about how best to get across the bridge, we rode the subway to the other side, and finally found it!  It did have quite delicious pizza!  The place was pretty tiny and the tables were really close together, so we ended up sitting ridiculously close to a couple who were on what seemed like a first date…and it did not seem to be going well!  We felt awkward for them.

After Grimaldi’s, we subway-ed back to our car at The Port Authority and changed clothes to go to a Broadway musical, In the Heights.  My brother gave us tickets to this Broadway and it definitely made our New York experience!  Starring Jordin Sparks, In The Heights focuses on a Puerto Rican/Dominican barrio in NYC, Washington Heights, and the changes that are occurring there.  We really enjoyed the hip hop, reggaeton, and salsa influences in both the music and dancing.

After the musical, we drove out of the city and into New Jersey to stay with my husband’s uncle and aunt, feeling very content with our day in the Big Apple.


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Mountain Living at its Best

First, I have to apologize for the lack of posting lately!  After our honeymoon and road trip we settled into my husband’s grandparents’ house in the mountains of North Georgia.  They are on a road trip themselves up to Canada and back and will be gone until the day my husband’s job begins.  They very generously offered to let us stay at their house and enjoy the mountains for this month!  And we are doing just that!

Today, for example, began with reading in the chilly morning air on the porch swing while eating oatmeal and drinking coffee.  Then we took the canoe out for a spin on the lake nearby.  Here’s a photo of our canoe and the lake!

After canoeing we had some lunch, went to the post office, chatted on the phone with some friends, and showered up before heading to dinner and trivia night at the Clubhouse in the neighborhood.  Our trivia team did well – we got 34 out of 40 right!

While we’ve been here we’ve also hiked to two little waterfalls.  During the hike we heard some thunder but we just didn’t believe it would actually rain because it had been so sunny.  But, we were wrong.  On our way back from the falls it started pouring and even hailing.  We ran part of the way and took cover under map kiosk with an overhang before striking back out the rest of the way to our car.  Thankfully, the iphone and camera still work!  We did leave the car windows cracked though (can you tell we weren’t expecting rain AT ALL?!), but we aired it out for the entirety of the next day, and so all that was left is a good memory of that time we got caught in the rain.

On the schedule for tomorrow: golfing and another blog post – about our trip to NYC!


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Honeymoon Success

As the title suggests, our honeymoon was wonderful!  We took a 5 night cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  There was plenty of rest and relaxation, as well as some sight seeing and beaching!  In Grand Cayman we took a taxi to Seven Mile Beach and enjoyed the Caribbean!  We also went snorkling and saw lots of cool coral and colorful fish.

We had similar plans for Cozumel,  but the taxi fare was so high and we weren’t exactly sure where we wanted to go, so we decided to rent a car and drive around the island!  We rented the bottom of the line, which was a red stick-shift Chevy convertible.  It was convertible in the sense that the top snapped off.  About 20 minutes into the drive around the island, the car stalled out and refused to start up.  Conveniently, we broke down in the parking lot of a realty office, and the man inside was really nice and called the Alamo rental guy and spoke with him in Spanish.  Five minutes later, two cars showed up and four Mexican guys jumped out.  They brought us a little red replacement car but also offered us a larger, nicer, and automatic Chevy Tracker.  We happily took the Tracker and had a wonderful adventure driving along the coast of the island and stopping at beautiful places along the way!

We also really enjoyed the rest of the cruise stuff, like our waiter, cruise director, captain, etc.  They were all really funny.

We’re loving being married and feel so blessed to have this time before working to spend time traveling, enjoying the Lord, and enjoying each other!  We’re leaving tomorrow for our road trip!  Posts on that to come!

Oh, and, the wedding was WONDERFUL!!  We had such a great time!  Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us and send us off into a great life together.  We wish that everyone we’ve ever known could have been there, but, alas, the cost of that would have been just too much!


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