Find Your Beach

Have you seen that Corona commercial?  I was reminded of it when my husband and I set up the cheap plastic chairs we  bought at Walmart for our patio today.  We brought out a little end table, broke out the Mike’s Hard Strawberry Lemonade (which neither of us particularly like), and settled in for an afternoon of chillin on our beach.



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7 responses to “Find Your Beach

  1. Beth Bowling

    Soon you’ll be able to chill at the REAL beach. Can’t wait!

  2. Beth Bowling

    By the way, WHO took the picture?!

    • Laura Beth

      Our camera has a self-timer on it! We brought the kitchen table over to the living room in front of the screen door, hit the button, and ran to our seats. 🙂

  3. kevlarh

    This is cute!! Excited to see both of you Saturday – more chillin’. 🙂

  4. Andy

    Nice. I can’t tell what the view is. Can you describe it ?

  5. It was the view out of our porch in Georgia. Just a grassy hill with some trees! Quite nice for an apartment!

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